Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Red shirt, CHECK!

Red shirt, CHECK!

I am a newbie to the loud and proud writer bandwagon, but not so much to my own personal world.  I love that people know I'm gay. It is this wonderful eternal sigh of relief that takes place daily as I traverse this great life of mine knowing that the people that matter in my world really, finally, and truly know who I am.  I came out when I was 30, though in a recent conversation with my closer to 90 than 80 year old Grandmother she revealed that she knew since I was about 14.  (Would have been a good time to have a good ole one-on-one with Granny, but that's a conversation for another day!) So, as I find myself liking gay things on social media outlets, knowing that my family and friends can see it, and knowing that some of the more staunchly religious ones - while loving me anyway - do not in any way approve, it is both liberating and a little bit scary.  I have gotten a little more bold in the last year, but not loud by any means.

Until today. 

Something amazing happened to me today as I saw the whole internet full of fabulous RED!  My computer is oozing red equality symbols, thank you to the Human Rights Campaign for that, family photos of gay friends, straight ally redness. It is amazing and touching to see.  There was a moment when I was checking things out earlier today that I literally teared up.  There is more support for me, personally, today than I could have ever hoped for.  Not all, but more - and that's a step in the right direction! Not to mention the support so many in our country are providing for us today.  (Come on SCOTUS, make us proud!) I have a newfound need to voice my thoughts, after seeing so many out there supporting me as well.  When (mine and) my partner's niece-in-law asked to steal a family photo of ours backed by the HRC's red symbol today I literally gushed with pride.  And several other people followed suit making me misty eyed from the support.  Who knew this tragically red-stated girl would be so damn happy to wear red today, and would have so much support out there!

Thank you to all of our allies, for all the people fighting for change louder than I am, and for the quiet I-love-you-no-matter-what supporters that just might not understand everything, but do just that - stand by us and love us.  That's what it's all about, people.  It's about love that has no borders.  It's about less hate, more equality, it's just about LOVE.

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