Monday, March 25, 2013

Lipstick or Umbros, the lesbian wardrobe identification quandary...

I have come to the conclusion that I don't fit the mold all that well.  I'm pretty femme, by lesbian standards, but I'm also a lifelong athlete that loves the sporty look.  I love jeans that fit a little tight when I'm wearing dressy shoes, and loose ones with little holes in them when I'm in flops.  Granted, I think everyone, sexuality aside, has different looks that goes with their different moods or events.  I'm not special in that regard.  Having said that, though, I have found myself in an internal struggle lately. 

Last week I wore a skirt for the first time in over a year.  I pulled it off well, I think, and felt pretty sexy the whole day.  I couldn't wait for my partner to get home and see me all decked out. She agreed with my personal assessment, and I enjoyed the sexiness of it all.  Then I got hit on by a coupla dudes.  Not in an "I wanna kick you in the nuts" kind of way, but hit on nonetheless.  Poor fellas didn't get how badly they were barking up the wrong tree.  Wrong forest all together.  And, not a single lesbian in the free world, I don't think, would have pegged me as a Friend of Dororthy.  Which brings me to my problem.

I love being an out lesbian.  If I could I would wear rainbow shirts every day.  I love walking somewhere, anywhere, with my partner and it being obvious that we're gay.  Not that I'm into PDA or anything, I just  don't shy away from my true self, which isn't all that common where we live.  Lets just say, we do not reside in one of the fabulous gay-marriage-is-a-go states.  Loving the gay identification, being proud of it, and wanting to stand tall no matter where I am or what I'm doing poses an internal problem on those rare days when I want to hop into a skirt and heels.  It feels almost like I'm abandoning my kind.  

So, what is this gay girl to do? Should all the heels, skirts, and shirts that show a little cleavage go to Goodwill?  Gay ladies chime in here - Do you think I should feel like an a abomination when I am not wearing traditional lesbian wear?

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